Ryan & Elise – { Just because }

It’s always such a blessing for me to be able to photograph… just because.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore my clients and job more than words can describe. Seriously. But every so often it’s such a treat to photograph some of my best friends and just do what I love with people that I love. Cheesy? Probably. True? Totally.

So I asked Ryan and Elise if they wanted to shoot with me for a little bit because I wanted to try some new(ish) poses and just kind of work the kinks out and just see if my ideas/inspiration looked like what I thought it would. Sometimes… it didn’t. Haha. But thankfully, Ryan and Elise make everything look beautiful and effortless.

So here are a few photos from our quick little shoot!

Elise… just stop it with the gorgeous. ;-)
Ryan, you are quite the stud. Just sayin’.
Can they be cuter??
Thanks for the fun, guys!
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  • Paloma Lisa - Um.. Stop it! All 3 of you with the gorgeousness. For realsies, these are so beautiful! Elise, you are so beautiful and photograph so well! And Ryan being all studly and such. And Brooke, the way you composed and captured these is really just so great! YAY!

  • Sara Bucelli - SUPER PRETTY!

  • Ryan - Brooke thank you for asking us to do this! We had a great time and I love these pictures. You make us look great!