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February 22, 2012

Paloma – {of Paloma Lisa Photography}

Let’s just start this post out with how blessed I am. This business (photography) can get pretty crazy and at times discouraging. I’m SO blessed to have friends in this industry. Ones who understand everything I’m going through. Ones who know how much my day changes by one simple comment on my blog. The ones who know how far a good job really goes. The ones who know how many times a day I want to beat my head into a wall because I feel like I’m not “creative enough” or “good enough” or “special enough”… and then they stop and tell me to shut up, and that I am all of those things. I am blessed.

Enter Paloma. :-) She is that one. She is encouraging. She is always the first one to give me creative and constructive feedback. She’s honest with me. She makes me aware of things I don’t always see. She sheds insight. She’s a blessing. Paloma is someone in this industry that I have upmost respect for. Her and I started our businesses around the same time and we’ve truly watched each other grow. It’s been a beautiful thing.

We’ve been malling around the idea of doing sort of a Q & A blog post, so instead of going all techy we decided to just ask eachother some questions that were interesting and important to us… and we want all of YOU to know and understand about us.

We hope that by this post you can get to know us a little better. Be sure and check Paloma’s blog for my photos and questions!

Okay… lets get to know the beautiful Paloma!!!

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer? (Why Photography?)

Paloma: I absolutely LOVE seeing the beauty in things, because it’s there. I love capturing what makes someone beautiful, the way a couple interacts, the way a mother looks at her newborn baby. There are so many special moments in life, and so much beauty in those moments, and I love trying to seek them out and capture them in a way that does them justice. I get to show others how beautiful life is! And I get to have so much fun doing it!
How would you define your style?
Paloma: This is always a hard question for me to answer, mostly because I’ve always had a hard time classifying things. But in regards to my photography I would hope that my style is honest, fun, sweet, and just plain pretty. In general I would say my style is colorful, a little funky, and comfortable. So maybe between those two answers it all makes sense!?
How do you prepare your clients for their photoshoot? Do you have any fail proof advice you give? (What’s one thing you wish clients knew?)
Paloma: Before your shoot I try to make sure you understand the basics of what will make the biggest difference, and it all comes down to putting in some effort. By that I mean that if you, as a client, spend time thinking about what you want your photos to look like/feel like and then make choices based on that it will help you to 1-feel more comfortable once you’re in front of the camera, and 2-get better looking photos. Think about your location- is there somewhere special to you, unique to you and your fiance/family, or just somewhere that you think is beautiful? Think about your outfit choices- you want to look like yourself, but the best version of yourself! Look at your favorite clothing company’s catalog or website to see what outfit pairings you love (and think about why) so you can recreate that kind of quality in your outfit(s). Along with what you will look your best in, think about what you will feel your best in. The better you feel, the more confident you will be, and the more you can rock your photoshoot! And ladies, think about your hair and makeup!! Put in the extra time and effort to look amazing that day, or even have it done professionally (If you’re a bride to be, and this is your engagement shoot, you can use your hair/makeup trial to kill 2 birds with 1 stone). Regardless of how you make it happen, that extra pizazz will make you feel stunning, which you ARE, and if you feel beautiful the whole experience will be so much better!

Who inspires you/Where do you draw inspiration from?
Paloma: It sounds cliche, but honestly I kind of get inspired by everything! The little details in things, the light pouring in from the window, the way your laugh makes your nose scrunch or your eyes twinkle, the way a couple looks at each other when they think I’m not looking… there is SO much inspiration and beauty in life if you’re looking for it! I feel like my brain is like a little file cabinet of moments I’ve noticed that were just beautiful! I’m a walking Pinterest!
Pinterest…friend or foe?
Paloma: Funny you should ask! I think it can totally be both! Haha. I think it is super fun to look at and find and collect lovely ideas, and it can be an amazing way to gather your visual thoughts for an upcoming event or even your photoshoot. I also think it makes it harder in some ways to think for yourself creatively. I’ve seen so many repeats, of varying quality, that it sometimes makes me sad because it seems like people are getting a little too comfy with just copying someone else’s idea. Use it as a starting point, chew it over on your own, and do it your own way :)
Do you pick locations, or have clients do that?
Paloma: I LOVE LOVE LOVE when my clients pick their location and have put thought into it (meaning it isn’t just “the beach”)! It adds soooooooo much to the photos if it’s a sentimental place, or just a beautiful spot that hasn’t been done 500 times before. And if my clients have a connection to the location, they feel more at ease and more inspired themselves!
Paloma: Go big or go home! Meaning, if you’re going to bring props, or go for a theme, do it and do it well. Make sure their unique to your idea, fun, and well executed (not cheap looking). If it makes the client feel more comfortable because they have something to “do” I’m all for it. Have fun with it though, don’t just show up with a cheap, little, random toy and expect it to look amazing. Haha.
When do you have the most fun doing your job?
Paloma: When I’m photographing a couple that is so in love that they flirt the whole time (while still listening to direction from me, of course)! Hehe. It is so fun when the couple is just in tune and giving each other little looks, kisses, hugs, and sweet nothings the whole time. It keeps them focused on why we’re photographing them, it allows me to capture the way they really are together, and heck…people look good when the one they love is making them feel beautiful/handsome! Think of it as a time to connect as a couple, while looking amazing, and capturing it on film!…errr, memory card!

What have you found is the hardest part of being in front of the camera? How does that help you be a better photographer?

Paloma: Being in front of the camera. Haha. Oh, you mean specifics? Well then. I’m a dork, and I sometimes have a hard time taking myself seriously. By that I mean that if the photographer (the amazing Brooke, for example) is guiding me and suggesting that I make a serious but sassy face, it’s hard for me to do that without turning into a goofy face. And honestly, I think that it comes from not fully feeling beautiful, or believing that I could be. And I think most of us girls have a hard time with that. Most of us women get so caught up in thinking about all of our insecurities that we lose sight of the fact that other people will not be nitpicking us nearly as much as we do to ourselves, and we also forget that honestly, we’re all beautiful in our own way. I once heard Jasmine Star say that before a shoot, she’ll sometimes have a little chat with her female client giving her permission to be and feel beautiful. I LOVE that! It’s like we need someone outside of our head to say, “You ARE beautiful. And it’s okay to feel that. And it’s okay to BE that”, if that makes sense. So how does that make me a better photographer? I try to help my clients feel comfortable with me, to talk about things that make them laugh and draws out their personality, and I love to give genuine compliments, because we all need to hear them!
When you’re not behind the camera, what would you be found doing?
Paloma: Sifting through Clearance racks, listening to my favorite music a little too loudly, watching lame Reality TV shows, talking with a friend over a delicious latte, spending time with Jesus (I think He’s pretty awesome!), or thinking about the next time I get to pick up my camera.
What is your “can’t live without this” beauty product?
Paloma: Can I choose two? Maybelline Falsies mascara (such a time saver and a great price) and Burts Bees tinted lip balm in Rose. Simple, effective, cheap, and pretty! ha.
If you had $1,000 dollars to spend in one store, where would you go?
Paloma: Target. Hands down. Love that place. You could get so much for a thousand bucks: cute things for your house, clothing, accessories, necessities for my business, groceries, and a few things you never knew you needed! All for a bargain. Love it.
Favorite movie and musician!? Only pick one!
Paloma: Movie: for sure Pride and Prejudice ( the Keira Knightley, Matthew McFayden version)! The most beautifully shot movie ever, such a sweet story, and Mr Darcy. Swoon!
Musician: such a tough choice! I’ll go with my favorite at this very moment (because I have SO MANY) and say The Fray. I just got their latest and I LOVE it. SO many amazing layers and crescendos and emotion and yeah. Loving Scars and Stories right now!
Biggest overall accomplishment/ Most exciting experience in life so far?
Paloma: Honestly? Pursuing this dream. It’s been a long road and not always easy. I haven’t always been as dedicated or brave or confident as I should have been in pursuing my Photography, but I’m doing it now, and loving every minute! (Ok, maybe almost every minute) It’s scary, exciting, fun, challenging, inspiring and absolutely what I know I was made to do!

So now that you know Paloma better, make sure you check out here amazing work!!!

Annnnd for a few photos!

My friend is beautiful.

Paloma, can I have your gorgeous smile??

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  2. Paloma Lisa

    February 22nd, 2012 at 9:53 am

    Brooooke! You are so nice to me. So glad we did this, it was SO fun and you are SO EASY to photograph. Love you friend! My speshul fwend ;)

  3. Jeff

    February 22nd, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Great little Q&A! I’ll have to go read the counter interview later and lay witness to her surely amazing talents as well.


  4. brittansalisbury

    February 7th, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    Brooke! These Photos of sweet Paloma are so lovely. I love the interview you did with her! :)

    I hope I get to meet you someday!


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