February 19, 2012

Anthony & Lauren – Solana Beach Engagement

Anthony and Lauren are fabulous. They are fun, wonderful and wildly in love.

Anthony loves Lauren so sweetly. He is so complimentary of her. The whole session he kept remarking about how beautiful she was… and who could blame him?! Lauren is absolutely stunning! She’s so full of life and has the brightest smile!

It was such a treat to get to know them and document their love!

I absolutely adore this warm rosey light! I especially adore the my beautiful clients!

Lauren, you are SO beautiful!

This is so them. Completely in love.

Anthony is a pro at making Lauren laugh. :-)

We headed down to the beach for the rest of the shoot.

Oh, Southern California sunset… I love you!

Be sure to click here for a slideshow of our session!

You two couldn’t possibly be cuter together!!! I’m so excited for the wedding!


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