December 29, 2011

Travis & Kim – San Diego Wedding

This was probably one of the most fun and amazing weddings that we have ever been a part of. From the moment we got there everyone was full of laughter and energy.

Travis and Kim truly are a perfect match. They are so different from each other yet compliment each other so well. They have such amazing chemistry and totally have fun with each other. I’m pretty sure I spent most of the day just laughing and smiling, because when you are with them, it’s contagious.

Travis is so passionate. He’s smart and full of life. He’s so sweet with Kim and it’s so clear how much he loves her.

Kim is the most vibrant person you will ever meet. She’s beautiful and so spunky. She’s the type of person that will get you to let your guard down and have a good time.

The wedding was more than just a good time though, it was full of so much love. I can see why, it would be hard not to absolutely adore these two.

Thank you both for letting us be a part of your wonderful wedding!!

Purple shoes!! Love these.

Kim, you seriously are beautiful.

Travis and Kim decided to do a “first touch” instead of a first look. I thought it was absolutely the sweetest thing. And honestly, don’t they look like they could be the models for a crest ad?

I love, love, love older churches! SO much character.

This photo fully expresses what these guys are all about. Pure joy.

Probably the best group of groomsmen. Ever.

One of the reasons I couldn’t stop laughing. This group probably had the best sense of humor ever. Seriously, I was dyyyying when these two came out.

Of course there had to be amazing dancing.

Mr. and Mrs!

You two are amazing.

Crest model! ;-)

More dancing. :-)

Travis is a huge Ron Paul supporter. So clearly, it was important for him to rap while wearing a Ron Paul shirt.  :-) Go Ron Paul!

Cake! I’m obsessed with the cake cutting photos… especially when this happens! Who won!?

Definitely Kim. :-)

  1. Paloma

    December 29th, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    so much personality in all of these! and i LOOOOOOVE that b&w of the couple on the beach. Delicious image!

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