December 29, 2010

Michelle & Dave – Engagement

Where to start with Michelle and Dave? They are such a loving couple and I probably spent the entire session just cracking up. They are just both amazingly vibrant, fun, loving, and kind. They are beyond perfect for each other and it’s completely obvious.

We started our session at Balboa Park and then we went to Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach for some last minute beach shots. Michelle and David totally got in the water. In December. In the freezing. Yeah. Basically they are rockstars. Also, David does the best Conan impression ever. So he is a rockstar just for that. :-)

Sean and I had so much fun with both of you and can’t wait for June to come!!! I know your wedding day will be a day of love and laughter!

Hey Michelle, you are stinking beautiful!

Dave you are quite handsome!

Yeah, in the water. :-)

  1. Paloma

    January 5th, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    I love the hat shot! And the way they look at each other is so sweet!

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