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May 16, 2010

Maddie, Sean and MaKenna – Portraits

So you know when you meet certain people and they just strike you? You can’t put your finger on it exactly, but they are just so interesting to you? Well, that IS Maddie.

She’s absolutely beautiful, sweet, stylish, and has a little sense of mystery. She has a fashion sense that many of us girls can only dream of having, and she’s totally a rockstar… she just is awesome.

So obviously I was so excited to take photos of Maddie. We decided to do some portraits, as well as some photos of her boyfriend of 3 years, Sean. These guys are SO cute together! I was just having such a blast watching them… they just interacted so sweetly. Maddie also brought her sister MaKenna as well, and she is also just stunning. These girls are so cute it’s annoying. Well, not annoying… but if you’re a girl, you totally know what I mean. ¬†:-)

Now for the photos!


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