June 16, 2011

Janessa & Sean – Poway Wedding

I have been looking forward to Janessa and Sean’s wedding all year!! These two are high school sweethearts and just absolutely perfect for each other!

The day started out at Old Poway Park, which has some significance to Janessa and Sean. When they first started dating they carved their initials into a tree there and they’ve visited that tree for the past few years… how sweet!

The ceremony was so intimate and sweet. The room was brimming with family and joy. You could just feel it!

The reception was an absolutely perfect DIY backyard reception. Janessa’s mother turned their home into a PERFECT venue to continue the celebration. Everything was lovely! Great job, Jenny!

I absolutely loved getting to spend time with Janessa and Sean and being able to document their love. They truly are made for each other. Despite obstacles that have come at them, they’ve remained true to each other and fully in love.

Now for some photos!

Janessa chose a classic style bouquet. Love the colors!

Really, I’m obsessed with purple.

I love sweet father/daughter moments.

Janessa’s sister Karina sang a beautiful song at the ceremony.

How sweet are they?

Are you kidding me with these gorgeous bridesmaids?!

Janessa, you are truly stunning.

Sean you are very handsome! Janessa definitely picked a good one! ;-)

Love the rustic feel of these old trains.

Love this location. Believe it or not, this is part of Janessa’s backyard!

I love the homemade feel of all of the decor. So inviting!

Again, father/daughter moments are some of my favorite.

Sean, ready to get a face full of cake!

A very cake filled smooch. :-)

Janessa and Sean did the bouquet toss/garter toss from off of the roof! Don’t worry, no little kids were hurt during the catching of the garter. :-)

As any truly theatrical family would, a performance was put on during the reception. Janessa’s sisters and friends made a musical about the story of their relationship up until this point. It was the funniest, most clever, sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! Major props to Karina and everyone else involved!

Clearly Janessa and Sean thought the production was fabulous.

Theater people doing what they do best… intense mid-singing faces. :-)

At the end Janessa and Sean were beckoned up to the center stage to be part of the production. They ran up and had an absolute blast! Janessa even got to sing to her new hubby, serious fun!

Congratulations Janessa and Sean!

  1. Keary Dee

    June 16th, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    Brooke, these are BEAUTIFUL! Loved how you captured them and their sweet personalities

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