March 15, 2010

Haley Montgomery

If you don’t know who Haley Montgomery is I suggest you do yourself a HUGE favor and look her up on iTunes like… now. Well, not now. Look at the photos of her first. THEN GO! ;-)

Haley is a Christian recording artist and she is absolutely wonderful. God has big plans for this girl. She is beautiful, honest, kind, fun, expressive, talented… I could go on and on. Most importantly she loves the Lord and is all about serving Him! She’s such a blessing.

For more info on Haley, go here:

I was honored to document her and Brian. They have such a sweet and pure love. I could have just watched them for hours… man, I love my job! We had fun running around Balboa park, and then eating amazing Pizza. Very successful day, I must say. :-)

Here are some photos from our shoot.

Work it. You are gorgeous, Haley.


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