March 20, 2011

Greater than > Less than

Today I feel less than. That stinking shark has his nose turned away from me today and doesn’t even want to smell. >

Yes, that wasn’t funny… I’m aware, I’m just so off today.

I’m not sure why when I’m feeling so off I decide to come and blog about it. That kind of seems counter productive in a way, I think…? Either way, I like to write out my thoughts and I like to be human… sometimes. ;-)

I just think I forget that sometimes it’s okay to feel kind of like you are on the outside. Maybe it’s okay to have days where you just don’t feel like anyone likes you. In fact, I will dare to say that maybe these days of not being “liked” and being on the “outside” are good for us. Yes! Good for us.

I think when you feel like everyone doesn’t like you… it forces you to think about things you do that are rather, well… unlikeable? I think taking a step back and being more cautious of others and thinking more about the things you do and how exactly they may come across, regardless of your good intentions is an important thing. I think sometimes we forget to just be courteous.

I think when you are having a day spent on the outside it gives you a good time to reflect. It gives you a good time to appreciate the the good in your life and the people. The blessings and the not so blessings. The yummy and the not so yummy. I suppose, all of the above. I mean, if you were constantly on the “inside” why would you appreciate it? If you were always feeling like everyone loved you all of the time… would you strive to improve how you are with and toward others? Maybe some of you are thinking, yes… I totally would and you are crazy. :-) All I know is sometimes I need a bit of a down day to just… think and hopefully accept and the most importantly grow.

Now hopefully everyone is super nice to me tomorrow in this stupid fragile state that I’ve been in recently… do you think this pregnancy is getting to me!? Either way, I mean it. Be nice, or I’ll cry. ;-)  Like for real, cause I’m hormonal and unfortunately I can’t really control it. How’s that for not even fair?

I must say though, I am pretty stoked that these guys like me. :-)

  1. Paloma

    March 21st, 2011 at 9:17 am

    Oh boy, do I know the feeling. Well, not the hormonal pregnant part, but you know what I mean. And yes, I think if we let God speak to us through those tough days about who we truly are (in a good way) and also let Him show us the uglier parts to work on…it can be a good thing! Good perspective, Brooke! Hope you’re having a better day now though…and just think, that hormonal roller coaster is helping grow a sweet little girl!!!!! :)

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