June 9, 2013

{Dan & Allyssa} Monteleone Meadows Vow Renewal

Dan & Allyssa are two of the most kind, down to earth and charismatic people! My sweet and amazingly talented friend Leslie, of Sweet Child of Mine Photography referred Allyssa to me and I couldn’t have been more grateful!

They had their vow renewal at the lovely Monteleone Meadows in Temecula. It was the perfect venue… earthy, rustic and quaint. It’s the neatest place because it’s tucked away and it feels so intimate and private!

Dan & Allyssa are the true definition of what love is. They are amazing parents to two beautiful babies, they love each other and they center their love around Jesus. Watching them renew their vows was beautiful and refreshing. It’s always so encouraging to see God’s love move and I know other people were inspired watching this couple who was already clearly so in love, just give some extra thanks to God.

Thank you Dan & Allyssa for having us be a part of this amazing day! We were thrilled all the way through!

Now for some photos!!!



Sunflower wedding bouquet, rustic sunflower bouquetVintage wedding dress

Can you believe that this was Allyssa’s moms wedding dress!? I thought that was so cool! It’s an amazing dress number one but how amazing for her mom to see her daughter wear it. I’m such a sap! :-)

Points for Dan!

Alyssa and her gorgeous mama!

This is Dan & Allyssa’s daughter… isn’t she stunningly beautiful!?

…and here is their son… I want to eat him up. He’s so delicious!

Rustic Wedding Details, temecula wedding venues

Adore these details!

So much joy.

This is my favorite photo of the entire day. Look at this beautiful family.

Inland empire wedding photographer, Brooke aliceon photography, Riverside CA wedding photographer

Allyssa, you are ridiculously gorgeous!

Some first dance fun!


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