A few weeks ago I had the honor of documenting senior portraits for Alyssa. We had an absolute blast!! Alyssa is the type of girl who is constantly smiling, and she fully brings joy to wherever she is. She is spunky and fun! I know that the Lord has many plans for Alyssa and I […]

So, Elise and I decided a few months ago that we’d have a sprinkle. What is a sprinkle you may ask?  Well, maybe this is common knowledge but I personally had never heard of one.  You know, with my living under a rock and all (aka never seeing the light of day/being way behind on […]

I met Annie years ago through a theater group I used to do in high school… I wasn’t kidding when I said years ago. ;-) About 8 years ago to be exact. I remember Annie being so cute and full of energy and being… about 9 years old. :-) I haven’t seen Annie since then, […]

This post is all about some amazing individuals. This family is creativity… in all of its form. First there is Heather who is a vibrant, sassy, fun, creative, loving, silly flower child. She’s a total hippy in all of the right ways. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, but has an amazing confidence that is […]

Today I had the great pleasure of working alongside my dear friend and fellow photographer Elise Danielle. We work together often and if anyone out here in blog land hires me for anything, chances are you’ll meet and work with Elise as well. Which is lucky for you because she’s just a blast! :-) Elise […]

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