Today I had the great pleasure of working alongside my dear friend and fellow photographer Elise Danielle. We work together often and if anyone out here in blog land hires me for anything, chances are you’ll meet and work with Elise as well. Which is lucky for you because she’s just a blast! :-) Elise […]

I’ve known Lucas since I was 15. Almost 10 years… which is totally crazy to me. Seriously, where does time go?! Anyway, we were good friends during high school and he and his family will always have a special place in my heart. Since highschool, we haven’t really talked much as he moved out of […]

I absolutely had a blast yesterday with the adorable Kelly family! Here is a little teaser from the shoot! More coming soon!

Sean and I met with Kathy about a month ago to discuss her engagement photos and some Wedding details and let me tell you, I immediately fell in love with her. She is just an amazing woman with a testimony that will blow your mind. She loves the Lord so much, and she’s just the […]

So I’m in one of those moods… maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, maybe it’s just me being weird. Basically, I’m in that type of mood where I remember things and want to cry. In a good way. :-) I think that’s part of what I love so much […]

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