February 15, 2011

Annie – Senior Portraits

I met Annie years ago through a theater group I used to do in high school… I wasn’t kidding when I said years ago. ;-) About 8 years ago to be exact. I remember Annie being so cute and full of energy and being… about 9 years old. :-)

I haven’t seen Annie since then, but I remembered her name and good old facebook helped us re-connect. All can I say is Annie is probably one of the most beautiful and and charismatic girls. She is driven, beautiful, vibrant, fun, and full of life. She wants to be a lawyer, and let me tell you… she SO could. She’s definitely commanding, and when she talks you can’t help but listen. She is fierce. Trust me… you’ll see.

Annie, thank you for giving me the opportunity to document this milestone in your life! You will go far and I know that you will accomplish absolutely anything you put your mind to. You are an amazing girl!!

Work it.

Um, I love me some Marc Jacobs.

Annie, could you be more gorgeous?!?

This is Annie’s BFF, Jordan. They are such a dynamic duo! Jordan was totally there supporting Annie and helping out with poses and the totally read each others minds. I love it! Did I also mention that they are both insanely beautiful. Not that that needs mentioning. :-)

  1. Paloma

    February 15th, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    as usual, these are just lovely! LOVE the orange grove location. And Annie is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Annies Mom

    February 16th, 2011 at 10:54 am

    Annie’s dad and I love,love,these photos.They are absolutely gorgeous! Love the muted colors….Thanks sooo much to you and your husband and a special “Thanks” for our new favorite word “commanding”. Love it!!

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