October 17, 2015

{Amy & Skip} Mt Woodson Wedding

Amy and Skip are amazing. Truly. They are completely perfect for each other and I was beyond blessed to be a part of their incredible day. I’ve photographed over 200 weddings and while I love them all, Amy and Skip had one of the sweetest ceremonies I’ve ever attended. From the way Skip looked when he saw his bride, to the “ring BEARer”, to the unity PB&J, the way they spoke their vows and the fact that there was more joyous laughter than could be described… it was truly magical.

The fog rolled in and made the whole day very dreamy, and the rain (even though it’s considered lucky on a wedding day) held off just long enough for us to take a few portraits.

Their wedding was at the STUNNING Mt Woodson Castle and was coordinated by the amazing Iman Rosario. And of course a special thank you to my dear friend Samantha of Samantha Polanco Photography for helping out during the first portion of the day!

Everything from start to finish was lovely… now here are some photos!


These shoes! Adore!

I love when the bridesmaids see the bride for the first time! Sam, this photo has to be one of my favorites from the whole day! Thank you for taking it! And Amy… you are BEYOND stunning!

Unity PB&J! Best ever!

They have such a sweet love!

Probably my most favorite moment of the wedding was when the ring BEARer was dancing behind the newly married couple. SO much joy!

Check out these gorgeous ladies!

Love these fall colors!

Beautiful siblings!

Amy, you are truly magical.

Congratulations you two!

  1. Jared & Megan Sawyer

    October 17th, 2015 at 11:12 am

    Awesome pictures! Blended Scotch with labels that are Blue are amazing!

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