Jude’s first trip to Disneyland – Personal

So my husband, Sean has been on a Disneyland kick lately. Soooo, we went on Monday with Jude… our 8 week old little guy. I must say, doing Disneyland with a stroller is quite the experience. Heh. If you thought it took a long time just waiting in line… just add a stroller and you’d be suprised how long it takes you to move forward 3 feet.  :-)

So, Jude did pretty darn good! I was nervous he’d be screaming in the lines… or line. We only made onto one ride, but we did it! His first ride of his little baby boy life was Alice in Wonderland! Yay! That ride is such a childhood favorite of mine and my husbands, so it was really exciting for us.

Here are the pictures of our trip to Disneyland!

In the parking garage

Daddy was so excited!

We are here!!

Gotta love Disneyland :-)

Jude was super excited. ;-)

Really, you want me to go on a ride???

In line. :-)

I thought this was cute.

Our view from the ride.

Cheshire Cat

After the ride. Daddy loved it... Jude... wasn't so sure. :-)

We decided to take a rest and take some pictures :-)

I think I'm sleepy.

Time to go? So soon??


Goodnight moon.

I’d say it was a nice trip.  I sure love my boys. <3

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  • Rebekah - cute baby

  • ty - gorgeous!!

  • Grace - These pictures of JUDE are absolutely adorable! What an adventure on Alice in Wonderful! That’s one of GG’s favorite too! LOL

  • Sara - Love all these Brooke! Thanks for sharing. I can’t believe how much Jude is changing and growing. He is a beautiful little boy.

  • Mari - Love them all, they are so nice. Jude looks so cute and I love the little blue hat.

  • Leslie - I love them all! He is just so gosh darn cute!

  • admin - Thanks everyone!! We had so much fun. :-)

  • Chelsea - I love all of these pictures..so beautiful :]

  • Chris - Wow! Cute little guy!

  • Craig & Mishael Patton - Sean & Brooke. We never heard that the baby was born. He is beautiful as are both of you. Congratulations!!! We look forward to meeting the baby in person and seeing you again. Please stay in touch