Jude in a bear suit – Personal

I got him this outfit for Easter. Buuuuut now I’m afraid  he’ll grow out of it in two weeks… cause he’s growing WAY too fast… length wise that is. :-)

So today, I put him in his little bear suit, just because. :-) Anyway, we decided to take some photos. Just for fun and totally spur of the moment.

Here they are!

Mommy loves this outfit... Jude isn't so sure about it.

Can I please change?

Just checking things out.

Why hello!

Mommy is SO funny. ;-)

Awww little Jude, you are my cute.

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  • Sarah S - Ah he’s such a cutie!!! I especially love the pics of him smiling, that just makes me instantly happy!!

  • Sara - These are AMAYYYYYYZING! I love them all!

  • Sara - These are Amayyyyyy- ZING!!! Love them all. Great job. Love that outfit.

  • Kimberly A Burt - I have got to eat him up. I feel like I can just reach into these photos and grab him. They are absolutely the cutest ever!

  • Amber - He’s too precious Brook!

  • Pamella - Your Jude is the cutest most precious… <3 from UK