A Very Potter Engagement – Vista Engagement

When Reggie and Joie told me they wanted to do the second part of their engagement session with a Harry Potter theme I just about peed my pants.

I can’t express how much I LOVE Harry Potter. Yes, I’m fully aware that some of you think that’s hardcore nerdy, but I’ll own my love for Mr. Potter. I think he’s awesome, and I love his adventures and I just have a thing for guys with scars. ;-)

I love themed sessions and don’t do them as often as I would like because I’m so busy with other sessions, kids, editing, kids, kids, kids… um… kids…Oh, and reading Harry Potter books. ;-)

So I asked my friends Paloma and Sam to help  and let me tell you without them, this wouldn’t have happened. Sam is a FAB jewelry maker… maker… is that right? Anyway, she made an adorable “Time Turner” for you Potter fans. I was very excited about it and may or may not wear it like, all the time. ;-)

Paloma is an amazing photographer and if you haven’t seen her work, you should. You’ll love it!

So we all joined forces and with the help of the internet, Trader Joes, my friend KT who is a Harry Potter enthusiast, Michaels and Party City. Oh and of course Reggie & Joie for getting our creative juices flowing! :-)

This shoot cost about $70 total, which made me super happy!! We also got a feature on Love Olios blog Swoon and we couldn’t have been more honored!

Now for some photos and just in time for Halloween!

What would a Harry Potter shoot be with out broomsticks and flying!?

We decided to incorporate Honeydukes the sweets shop in the book into a traditional sweets table to that you commonly see at Weddings. :-)

Love this cake from Trader Joes. Paloma made it pretty. ;-)’

Every flavor beans were needed. And clearly so were potions. ;-)

Butterbeer… yum.

A sweet moment with Sam’s amazing Time Turner. :-)

We used lots of glitter. Because when else do I get to use lots of glitter? Exactly. :-)

Thank you Joie and Reggie! We had a blast!

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